​​This is not a blog.

It is a vaster collection of ruminations, tales, and advice. Contents are to be taken completely seriously, or not seriously at all.


My name is Alex Visser. I am a budding journalist, studying at the University of Washington in Seattle. I was born in Portland, Oregon, raised in Vancouver, Washington, and I am proud to call the Pacific Northwest home.

I write anything and everything I can; news, opinions, fiction, music, poetry, histories. My writing is influenced by many factors, including but not limited to my upbringing in Washington State, my Dutch and Japanese ancestry, world history, classic works of literature, and the stories of friends and family members.

I feel compelled by civic duty to spread the word of social justice, and I am beholden to my own perceptions of right and wrong, perceptions which are not static but are ever-evolving.

I cherish my friends and family, adventure, enlightening conversation, music, cycling, and beer. Here you will find all of those things and more. This website serves as a peek into my personal life and the inner mechanisms of my mind. I hope you will enjoy what you find.
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